Popular syrian Proverbs
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• Birth is the messenger of death.

• Choose the neighbor before the house.

• You should fear the one who does not fear God.

• Writing is the mother of eloquence and the father of artists.

• Even paradise is no fun without people.

• If your beloved were of honey, do not lick all of him/her.

• Turn the pot upside down; the girl will still be like her mother.

• The things that have not been worked for by the hands do not find mercy from the hearts.

• It's better to deal with the devil we know than the devil we don't know.

• Marry the girl of a good family though she be seated on a mat, very poor.

• The person who deals in camels should make the doors high.

• Spend what is in your pocket; you will get more from the unknown.

• He who has drunk the sea does not choke on a brook

• Some people eat chicken; others fall into the hedge while chasing chickens.
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