Popular slovakian Proverbs
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• Every man is the maker of his own fortune.

• Compulsory prayers never reach heaven.

• Others read your face, God your heart.

• Man is the head and woman is the crown upon it.

• Don’t praise what is yours; don’t belittle what is another’s.

• If there was no sin, there would be no hell.

• Gold without wisdom is but clay.

• Where there is no order, everything is headed toward collapse.

• Better an hour of thought than a year of regret.

• The one who first shuts up in an argument is from a good family.

• Empty barrel rumbles the most.

• Virtue and beauty are a blessed association

• He who accepts favors, pawns his freedom.

• A good conscience makes a soft pillow.

• Who buys cheap pays twice.

• Gratitude and wheat grow only in good soil .

• Cast no dirt into the well that gives you water.
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