Popular Turkmen Proverbs
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• Just by saying, "Honey! Honey!" doesn't make your mouth sweet.

• Stretch your legs [only to] the length of your blanket. 

• Studying is as difficult as digging a grave with a needle. 

• Whatever you put in your pot comes to your spoon.

• If you don't step on a snake, it won't bite you.

• If a tree is not consumed by insects from within, It can live for a thousand years.

• When you're sitting in a ship, Don't quarrel with the ship's owner.

• Grass grows from its own roots.

• The person who spends time with people who are lame, Learns how to limp. 

• The fish rots from the head.

• Walk barefoot and the thorns will hurt you.

• The snake hates mint but the mint grows at the entrance of its home.
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