Popular Thai Proverbs
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• Preventive measure is better than curative measure.

• In a town where people wink, you must also wink

• Don't help the elephant to carry his tusks.

• To a man wine is like water is to the boat; it can carry him or guzzle him up.

• Don’t eat fruits before they are ripe

• Walls have ears, doors have eyes

• The heart of a woman is as capricious as a drop of water on a lotus leaf.

• Chicken are beautiful because of their feathers, women are beautiful because of their makeup.

• Conscience does make cowards of us all. 

• A dead elephant cannot be covered by a lotus leaf.

• Don't ride an elephant to catch a grasshopper

• Friends for a meal are easy to find, friends until end of life are difficult to find 

• Roosters are handsome because of their feathers

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