Popular St Lucian Proverbs
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• When your friend's beard catches fire, sprinkle water on your own.

• Rocks on the land ask to be in the water; those in the water ask to be on the land.

• What is done in the dark will appear in the light.

• What the eyes don't see won't hurt the heart.

• Cockroach has no pardon in front of the chicken.

• Before the zaboca ever got ripe, Monkey knew how to feed her young.

• He who helps to price a big-bellied horse won't help to pay for it.

• What the mouse says in the ceiling is not what he says on the floor.

• When Goat throws a party, Sheep gets drunk.

• A sunken ship won't prevent another's sailing.

• The day you dress up is not the day you will meet your mother-in-law.

• The stroke of a cutlass in water leaves no mark.

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