Popular South Korean proverbs
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• A great river does not refuse any small streams.

• Even if the sky falls on you, there is a hole that you can escape from.

• Cast no dirt into the well that gives you water.

• You will hate a beautiful song if you sing it often.

• When you have three daughters, you sleep with the door open.

• To be prepared is to have no anxiety.

• Even if you encounter a stone bridge, tap it first before crossing.

• A newborn baby has no fear of tigers. 

• Man's affairs are evaluated only after his coffin is closed.

• Do not draw your sword to kill a fly.

• Woman was born three days earlier than the devil.

• Virginity can be lost in one night.

• Even though words have no wings, they can still fly a thousand miles.

• A nobleman's calf does not know how a butcher kills.

• A stranger nearby is better than a far-away relative.
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