Popular Sierra Leonean Proverbs
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• A fish has nothing to do with a raincoat.

• If you hear a child say "Mama is cooking okra," it's because Papa said it.

• Even dirty water can put out a fire.

• A man may marry for beauty, but women marry for money.

• A bad husband is better than an empty bed.

• If you don't want a monkey's tail to touch you, don't go to a monkey dance.

• You fall for me, I fall for you.

• "Come up, go down," is not appropriate with another man's wife.

• An elephant head is not a load for a child.

• New love doesn't notice a crooked rear.

• If a child says his mother won't sleep, he can't sleep either.

• If then tell you that you're an elephant, don't use the rat's road.

• Any kind of crying is appropriate at a funeral.

• Don't call a dog when you have a stick in your hand.

• If there are riches in Heaven, you will know it by the sick person's face.

• If you tie a frog to your leg, a snake will follow you.
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