Popular Peruvian Proverbs
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• From the tree of silence hands the fruit of tranquility.

• Fortune and olives are alike: sometimes a man has an abundance and other times not any.

• Gold, when beaten, shines.

• Little by little one walks far.

• When the road is long, even slippers feel tight.

• Love looks through spectacles that make copper look like gold, poverty like riches, and tears
like pearls.

• If i listen i have the advantage, if i speak others have it.

• Lawyer for the rich, scourge of the poor.

• The child weeps for it's good and the old man for his ill.

• Youth is intoxication without wine; old age, wine without intoxication.

• Only he who carries it knows how much the cross weighs.

• Favor your own first, then others.
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