Popular Nigerian Proverbs
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• The sun will shine on those who stand before it shines on those who kneel under them. 

• If a blind man says lets throw stones, be assured that he has stepped on one

• A child who is carried on the back will not know how far the journey is.

• you do not drive a bad child away for the leopard to devour.

• If you blind yourself so as not to see your enemy there will be no eye to see your friend.

• A toad does not run in the daytime for nothing.

• If a man wants to grow a long tooth, he should have the lip to cover it.

• A man does not wander far from where his corn is roasting 

• If crocodiles eat their own eggs what would they do to the flesh of a frog 

• When a ripe fruit sees an honest man, it drops.

• If you skin the tiny ant with patience, you see its intestines.

• You can't blow your nose and whistle at the same time.
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