Popular Martinique proverbs
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• The kicking of the mare does not hurt the horse. 

• One sheep scabies gives a whole herd.  

• When the cat's away, the rats organize dances.  

• The devil does not sleep. 

• All games are games. Chopping wood in the back of a monkey is not a game

• It is when the wind blows you see the ass of the pool

• All Hindu will one day fall in the gutter. 

• If there is justice for Mathurin, there is justice for Mathurine. 

• Jealousy is the sister of witchcraft. 

• Word in the mouth is not supported. 

• I do not eat turkey, I do not have to pay the sauce.  

• Do not rely on the legs of the donkey to give him a load to carry.  

• Everyone poops like a dog, but the quake is difficult. 

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