Popular Indonesian Proverbs
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• Beware, the enemy lies under your blanket.

• The will of the heart is to hug the mountain, but the arm is not long enough. 

• If you give your liver, they ask for your heart.

• A man finds what he takes to be small; it will only be big again when he loses it.

• Calm water does not mean there are no crocodiles. 

• Heavy we shoulder together, light we hand-carry together. 

• If there were no lion in the jungle, a blind monkey can be king. 

• The love from a child is as long as a stick, the love from a mother is as long as a road 

• Death is the bride of life. 

• The teacher urinates while standing, the pupil urinates while running.

• Where there is sugar, there are ants 

• The firm tree does not fear the storm.

• No matter how sharp a knife gets, a tongue is even sharper. 

• Your mouth is your tiger.

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