Popular Ghanaian Proverbs
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• When the fool is told a proverb, its meaning has to be explained to him.

• One falsehood spoils a thousand truths.

• Misfortune does not restrict his visits to one day.

• If you skin the tiny ant with patience, you see its intestines.

• If we knew where death resided, we would never stay there.

• The chicken also knows when it's morning, but still watches the mouth of the cock.

• It is the fool whose own tomatoes are sold to him.

• A healthy person who begs for food is an insult to a generous farmer.

• When a woman is hungry, she says, "Roast something for the children that they may eat."

• The good wife at her husband's home, the other one is at her parent's home.

• A woman is a flower in a garden; her husband is the fence around it.
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