Popular Finnish Proverbs
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• The apple does not fall far from the tree

• What one learns while young, one masters when old.

• Who is raised without discipline, he will die without honor.

• He who laughs last, will have the best laugh.

• Good has many names, bad many customs.

• An accident won't arrive with a bell on its neck.

• The way to a man's heart leads through his stomach.

• He who is afraid does not gamble.

• Poverty isn't a shameful thing, but unresourcefulness is.

• A man who is given advice, is helped half the way.

• Iron must be forged when it is hot.

• Who has honey on his tongue has poison in his mind.

• A wise fool is wiser than a foolish wise man.

• A lazy person sweats while eating and shivers while working.
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