Popular Eritrean Proverbs
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• A fool is a wise man’s ladder.

• A fly that doesn’t listen to advice usually follows the corpse into the grave.

• If you hear a mad man talking, wait you will soon hear what makes people think he is mad.

• What an old man can see while seated a young man cannot see standing.

• Tomorrow is pregnant and no-one knows what she will give birth to.

• A termite grows up in dry wood, and yet comes to maturity.

• If an enemy learns your dance, he/she dances it the crooked way.

• An old man who by himself carries one load on the head and another in his hand, must have played away his youth.

• When you throw a stone at God, it lands right on top of your head.

• The one chased away with a club comes back, but the one chased away with reason does not.
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