Popular Equatorial Guinean Proverbs
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• Your beauty will take you there, but your character will bring you back.

• A good wind is no use to a sailor who doesn’t know his direction.

• A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything.

• He that learns to eat without reservation must learn to starve.

• Never compete with the elephant in defecating.

• Wherever a man goes to dwell, his character goes with him.

• The rabbit that stays in a hole must be ready to face the hunter’s fire.

• If you dream of moving mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting small stones today.

• Any river that forgets its source will definitely dry up.

• A butterfly that flies among thorns will tear its wings.

• Two men in a burning house must not stop to argue.

• An agama lizard in the village will always remain an agama in town.

• A dog that is determined to go astray will not wait to listen to the voice of the master.

• A man that lives near the river will not use spit to wash his hands.

• The search of a black fowl should always be done before darkness falls.

• A stubborn chicken learns its lesson in a hot pot of soup.
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