Popular Czech Proverbs
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• There's a bit of truth in every gossip.

• If you want to hear the truth about yourself offend your neighbor.

• A lie has short legs. 

• You will use in the old what you have learned young.

• He who has not been given brains from above will not buy them at the apothecary.

• Do not choose your wife at a dance,but in the field among the harvesters

• He who looks only at heaven may easily break his nose on earth.

• A custom wears a shirt of iron.

• After a battle, everyone is a general.

• Hunger is the best cook. 

• Wait for a month before you praise a horse, and for a year before you praise a woman.

• When the fool knows when to be silent, he would be sitting among the wise.

• Choose your woman with a velvet glove, but control her with a fist of iron. 
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