Popular Congolese Brazzaville Proverbs
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• You can’t blame the flea for foul-smelling when you crush it.

• A pretty face and fine clothes do not make character.

• No matter how long the night, the day is sure to come.

• If the trial concerns the forest, don’t take a monkey as a judge.

• Lovers do not hide their nakedness.

• Death does not sound a trumpet.

• Love is like a baby: it needs to be treated tenderly.

• If you walk with an elephant, the dew will not bother you.

• One day of hunger is not starvation.

• Man is like palm-wine: when young, sweet but without strength; in old age, strong but harsh..

• He who doesn't like chattering women must stay a bachelor.

• A thief can detect the footmarks of another thief on a rock.
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