Popular Bosnia & Herzegovina Proverbs
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• Why would you use poison if you can kill with honey.

• Jealousy and fear have big eyes.

• An ugly girl blames the mirror. 

• Where there are many midwives, children will be feeble.

• Who sows wind will harvest storm.

• There's no quiet child nor young grandmother.

• He complains like an imprisoned Greek 

• A kind word opens even the iron doors.

• One who gets up early is doubly lucky.

• When an ant gets wings, it loses its head.

• A pear tree cannot bear an apple.

• A sparrow in the hand is better than a pigeon on the branch.

• Do not measure the wolf's tail till he is dead.

• Where people are promising much to you, bring a small bag.

• Two things rule the world -- reward and punishment.
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