Popular Belizean Proverbs
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• Every fat bird has its day

• Not everything that has sugar is sweet.

• The chicken shits white and think it's an egg.

• Where dogs are not invited, bones are not provided.

• When a fish comes from the river bottom and tells you the alligator is hungry better believe.

• When a man dies the grass grows to his door.

• The same knife that kills the sheep kills the goat.

• Good soup never meets good fufu

• Don't hang your hat higher than you can reach.

• Begging for water doesn't boil the cow skin.

• The sins of the mother will fall upon the child.

• when you get in trouble, you fit into a child's shirt.

• It's a fool that is speaking, but it's not a fool who is listening.

• Blood is thicker than water but water taste better.
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