Popular Angolan Proverbs
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• It is the voyage not the ship that matters.

• Any visitor to the country who drinks from the River Bengo will never want to leave.

• One spoon of soup in need has more value than a pot of soup when we have abundance food.

• The mysterious road beckons the young man.

• Scolding woman has self to blame when husband who liked her puts her away.

• Early corn is best, so the firstborn is the one to delight in.

• A fowl shuns poisonous worm.

• The real journey of discovery begins in old age

• Body is easily satisfied but not the heart.

• Useless to warn one who has made up his mind 

• The human skin characterises people, the vital skin has a different name .

• In the larger affairs the minor are forgotten.

• The one who throws the stone forgets; the one who is hit remembers forever.

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