Popular Abkhaz Proverbs
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• He who battles under the native skies gains the lion’s courage.

• Your friend is your mirror.

• If you’re a friend to everyone – that means to no one.

• What is hidden in heart is reflected on face.

• Do a kind deed and throw it into the water – it won’t be lost.

• One who grows a forest never destroys it.

• If you are afraid of love then you are afraid of life.

• A coward is afraid of his own shadow.

• A weak man has a long tongue.

• He, who does not live for others, does not live for himself.

• On the marriage of your son seek the advice of a dozen, on a divorce – of a hundred.

• A mother’s anger is like snow: there is much of it but it melts quickly.

• Who does not value a kopeck takes no care of a ruble.

• Men look for a beautiful woman, a homely one looks for a husband herself.

• If the neighbours are good ones, even a blind girl will get married.

• It’s better to be a poor man in your homeland than a king in Cairo.

• It is easy to find a friend – it is hard to preserve the friendship.

• If you want to test a friend – look at him in anger.
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